My Job was to create two character performances. The Jawa and a clone trooper.
we rigged and animated existing models.
For the Jawa, Robert found a great model for 3D Printing. I had to think of a way so we can actually deform the triangular mess of a mesh. I seperated the arms and rigged the body as good as possible. Later I added textures using Substance Painter.
The Clone Trooper was the second character but got shot in the editting process.
Yet another Star Wars Fan Film! E-11 is a genre-mix of Star Wars and current trends of typical YouTube Review & Unboxing videos. However it still tells an underlying story. Combining many in-camera sets & effects, with high-quality visual effects it is created to be as accurate as possible to the real Star Wars shows. Mixed with witty humor, inside jokes and easter-eggs this fan film hopefully entertains fans around the world. Deep down it is a love letter to all the real creators of our favourite galaxy far, far away. 
Full Credit List

Written, produced and directed by: Robert Hranitzky

Edited by: Michael Münch

Music by: Petr E.C. Rice

TK-421 voiced by: Robin S. Kurz

Delivery Trooper: Stefanie Winkler, voiced by Emma Lextrait

Camera: Daniel Hennies, Can Amirak, Robert Hranitzky

Lighting: Daniel Hennies, Maxl Gründl, Robert Hranitzky

Special Effects: Max Iglesias, Can Amirak

Visual Effects & Compositing: Robert Hranitzky

Additional Writer; Michael Münch

Re-Recording Mixer: Stefan Möhl

Clone Trooper Rigging & Animation: Can Erduman

Target Illustration #1: Mace Steuer

Target Illustration #2: Robert Hranitzky

Imperial Base Iceland designed by: Saad Khayar

Desk LED Lighting System: Georg Hranitzky

Additional Cameras kindly provided by: Michael Lehmann-Horn, Florian Schuster

Physical Props & Set Design: Robert Hranitzky

User Interface Design & Animation: Robert Hranitzky

Wookie Source footage by: PoodooFX Team 

Additional 3D Models:
E-11 Blaster: Prosta
DC-15S Blaster: Admiral Tributon
DLT-19 Blaster: Fredroz
Lambda Shuttle: Mickaël Boitte
Turret: Epic_Fail
Death Star: 123Free3Dmodels
Star Destroyer: Ansel Hsiao (Fractal Sponge), P.R. Dobson (General Martok)
Crates & Boxes: Massassi Order
Barrels: Figureworks
Clone Trooper: Admiral Tributon

This is a non-profit unofficial fan-film that is not intended for commercial use. It was made solely for fun and it is my love letter to all the real creators of a galaxy far, far away. Characters are owned by Lucasfilm/Disney and this fan-film is not connected in any way to said companies.

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